James Gritt Obituary, James (Jim) Gritt 80 of Lake Mary, Florida has died from lung cancer

James Gritt Obituary, Death – Gritt’s Midway Greenhouse made public on Tuesday an announcement on the departure of a well-liked individual who had previously worked as a vendor at the Capitol Market. This individual had worked at the market for a period of time. In this person’s past, there is evidence of them having worked at the market at one point in their life or another. The individual’s termination from their role as an employee of the company was indicated in the notification that was sent out to all of the relevant parties. Lung cancer was the cause of death for James (Jim) Gritt, who was 80 years old at the time of his passing on Sunday. Gritt resided in Lake Mary, Florida. At the time of his passing, he had already reached the age of 80.

In the obituary that was published for James (Jim) Gritt when he passed away, the cause of death that was given was lung cancer. James (Jim) Gritt was a resident of Lake Mary, Florida at the time of his passing. A significant portion of time had passed since he had not left the Lake Mary area as his primary residence. Gritt attended Buffalo High School, which is located in the state of West Virginia, as stated in the information that was included in the obituary that was written about him. Both his high school diploma and his diploma of completion were possible to be earned by him at that institution. The state of West Virginia has honored both of these achievements for their respective levels of excellence.

He was an ambitious businessman who worked for the family company, which was known as Gritt’s Midway Greenhouse and was situated in Putnam County. He was in charge of the company’s sales operations in addition to the cultivation of plants for the corporation. Putnam County was the location of his place of employment at the time. According to The Capitol Market in Charleston, South Carolina, Gritt was a crucial contribution to the growth of the local farmer’s market into a vital community gathering spot. This information comes from The Capitol Market. This statement is given more credence by the fact that Gritt was the one who initially formed the market. If you were wondering where this information came from, the Capitol Market is where it came from.

The obituary for Gritt states that he had a passion for working with wood, gardening, and spending time with his wife, their family, and the numerous friends that they had throughout their lives. He felt a deep commitment to this endeavor since it was important to him. Due to the fact that he attached a significant amount of importance to this endeavor, he experienced a robust feeling of obligation toward it.
In the terrible event that he does not emerge triumphant from this struggle, he will be abandoning a large group of loved ones, including his wife, four children, six grandchildren, and two sisters. He will also be leaving behind a significant amount of money.