Jack Evans Obituary, Jack Evans has passed away unexpectedly

Jack Evans Obituary, Death – Our hearts are broken for Dianne and Joshua Evans as they mourn the passing of Bro. Jack Evans, who was both their husband and their father. Please accept our sincere sympathies. In addition to being the biological father of Joshua, Brother Jack was married to his sister Dianne. Despite the fact that the departure of this man will be dearly mourned by the people of our community, the influence he wielded and the legacy he left behind will survive for as long as all of eternity. Visitation is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, December 21, from noon to two in the afternoon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, which can be found at 6028 Ebenezer Rd, Greenbrier, Tennessee 37073.

The date and location of the visitation can be found in the address above. In case you require it, the address of the church is as follows: A memorial service will be held at the same location on the day in question at two o’clock in the afternoon in memory of the person who passed away. This will take place on the day in question. In lieu of flowers or any other kind of gift, memorial contributions can be sent in his name to the Ebenezer Building Fund at Ebenezer Baptist Church. You can find the address for the fund on the church’s website. On the website of the church, you will discover the address for the fund that you are looking for. You’ll find information on this page on how to get in touch with the fund. Because of the money that is now in this fund, a whole new structure is going to be constructed for the church.

We are indebted to the kindheartedness of each and every person who contributed to this fund. Jack had not yet accomplished one of the most significant goals he had set for himself, which was to ensure that the new building at Ebenezer was paid for in its entirety. Jack had not yet completed this task, which was one of the most important things he needed to do. We ask that you continue to keep the Evans family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this extremely difficult time. We appreciate it more than you know. We are confident that they will value it more than you realize right now. I am unable to adequately convey how appreciative I am for your unflinching support.