Gary Mahon Obituary, Chambersburg PA Gary Mahon Has Passed Away

Gary Mahon Obituary, Death – On Wednesday the 23rd of November in 2022, Gary Mahon passed away as a result of the illness that he had been suffering from. When he did it, he was 68 years old at the time. He did it when he was 68 years old. The death of Gary Mahon was announced to the general public by the funeral home and crematorium which are both components of the business known as Spry Funeral Home & Crematory – Huntsville, which can be found in Huntsville, Alabama. This establishment is known as Spry Funeral Home & Crematory – Huntsville. Locals refer to this location of the Spry Funeral Home & Crematory as the Huntsville location.

This particular location serves the Huntsville area. A memorial service will be held in memory of those who have passed away over the course of the previous calendar year on the evening of Wednesday, November 23, 2022. The date of the service is yet to be determined.  The following memorial services are going to be held in honor of the person who has passed away, as stated by the information that was provided by the funeral home: On December 3, 2022, the visitation will begin at eleven in the morning at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Huntsville, Alabama, and will continue until twelve in the afternoon.

This is the scheduled start time and end time for the visitation. The congregation can be reached at the following location: 2300 Beasley Avenue Northwest. The ceremony will take place at that specific location, which will serve as the setting. The St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Huntsville, Alabama can be found at 2300 Beasley Ave NW. This address is the church’s mailing address. At that location on December 3, 2022, at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, there will be a memorial mass held in honor of the deceased. The date of the mass has been decided upon. Regarding the time or the day of the mass, there has been no determination made as of yet. The name of the local memorial church has been given in honor of the departed person in recognition of the deceased person’s contributions to the community during their lifetime.