Dedrick Bulls Obituary, Bibb County Sheriff’s Office announce the passing of Dedrick Bulls

Dedrick Bulls Obituary, Death –  In connection with the ongoing investigation into the passing of Dedrick Bulls, a juvenile suspect has been taken into custody at this time. A man named Andrew Ronnie Mullis, who is 19 years old, was taken into custody by investigators with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office in connection with the investigation into the death of a man named Dedrick Bulls, who was 42 years old. The investigation into Mr. Bulls’s death is ongoing. In the course of the inquiry into Dedrick Bulls’s passing, an arrest was carried out in connection with the investigation. At Full House Tavern on the 12th of December in 2022, the first event of its kind was hosted for the first time. The location may be found at 3709 Bloomfield Road, and you should look there for it.

As a consequence of the designation of Mullis as the person of interest by the investigators as having been engaged in some fashion with the death of Bulls, warrants for his arrest were issued. The investigators believe that Mullis was involved in some capacity with the killing of Bulls. On Tuesday morning at approximately 2:50 in the morning, Mullis surrendered himself to the investigators of the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office as well as members of the United States Marshal’s Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force. Mullis is being held at the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center without the chance of release due to the claims that he committed murder, (two counts) of aggravated assault, and aggravated battery. These crimes are all classified as more serious than a simple assault.

The incidents took place earlier this week, and these are the ones that led to the filing of these complaints. UPDATE: An incident involving a major assault that took place there took place in the Full House Tavern, which was the venue of the incident. The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office was informed that the victim, Dedrick Bulls, had passed away at the hospital as a consequence of the injuries he received in the parking lot of the Full House Tavern, which can be found at 3709 Bloomfield Road. The Full House Tavern is located in Bibb County. The location in question is where you’ll find the Full House Tavern. When this event took place, Bulls was 42 years old.

The proclamation of death was made by Coroner Leon Jones after he reached the judgment that Bulls had gone away extremely early on Saturday morning and issued a statement to that effect. Notification has been given to the individual who is regarded as being the next of kin. The inquiry into what took place at this location is still ongoing at this point in time. At this time, the inquiry into what took place has been elevated to the level of a homicide investigation from its previous status as an accident investigation.