Bonnie Bodine Obituary, Bonnie Bodine has passed away unexpectedly

Bonnie Bodine Obituary, Death – When she died away, my great-aunt Bonnie Jean Bodine, who was also referred to as my grandma Ruth’s sister, had reached the age of 88 years. She was also referred to by the name “Bonnie.” She was also known by her nickname, “Bonnie,” which was used interchangeably with her given name. Due to the fact that Bonnie was the last kid born into the Cox line of the family, she is the family member with the youngest age. This particular branch of the family was responsible for the birth of a total of 17 children. She was the only child among all of her siblings to reach maturity, and she was also the only member of the family’s immediate family to do so. She was the only child to reach maturity. In her mother’s family, there was only ever going to be one sister.

She appeared to be cheerful and full of life at all times, and the entire time I was in her presence, she had a smile plastered on her face. Never once did she give the idea that she was unhappy with anything in her life. I observed when I was a young child that as a direct result of her, I was thinking a lot about my maternal grandmother Ruth. This continued even after she passed away. My maternal grandfather was born to her. My paternal grandfather was born to her. The year was 2017, and I was headlining at Jeptha Creed Distillery when Bonnie suddenly materialized out of nowhere to surprise me during my performance. She was present to observe the entire event firsthand. That particular instant is one that I will never, ever be able to forget, and it is one that will always be etched deeply into my memory (see below).

On that particular occasion, she fully and thoroughly enchanted each and every one of those people that were there!!! Because it has been such a pleasure to have her company, having her here with us will be one of the things that we are going to regret the most when she leaves. At this time of year, we frequently keep the family in our thoughts and prayers, as well as wishing them well and remembering them in our thoughts and wishes. We also give them our best wishes. The funeral that is going to take place the week after that is going to take place the week after that, and Dad is going to be one of the pall bearers at the funeral that is going to take place the week after that.