Steven Peeples Obituary, Philadelphia PA Steven Peeples Has Passed Away

Steven Peeples Obituary, Death – The victim of a gunshot wound that was sustained early on Sunday morning in North Philadelphia has been identified as 39-year-old Steven Peeples, according to the police. The occurrence took place in the North Philadelphia neighborhood. At approximately 1:40 in the morning, he was found by investigators and a member of Peeples’ family in the living room of his residence located in the 1300 block of West Lippincott Street. The street address of the home is 1301 West Lippincott Street. He was struck by the bullet in the head as well as in the abdomen when he was shot. Peeples was taken to Temple University Hospital, but he did not survive his injuries and passed away shortly after 2:00 a.m. Peeples was taken to the hospital, but he did not survive his injuries.

There has been no information made public regarding a possible suspect in the murder, nor has there been any information regarding a possible motive for the murder. The Peeples family lives in Mount Vernon, and Patti and Steven N. Peeples are residents there. Fultz, Illinois is home to the future husband and wife Scott A. Peeples and Beth, their future spouse. The Peeples family includes Nancy’s two sons, Scott A. and his wife Beth, and their two daughters-in-law. Aside from the loving commitment shown by her husband. Grandsons Gary and Rachel Peeples, Nick Warren and Amy, Jared Warren, and Amanda Barnett, and her husband Jeff; grandchildren Lucas and Brittany Peeples.

Great-grandchildren Penelope Peeples, Heidi Peeples, Howard Peeples, and James Peeples; great-great-grandchildren Ashtyn Warren, Aryka Warren, and Spencer Barnett; and great-great-grandchildren Ashtyn Warren, Aryka Warren, and Spencer Barnett. Great-great-grandchildren Penelope Peeples, Heidi Peeples, Howard Peeples, and James Peeples. Great-great- Her parents, older brother Neil “Bud” Williams, sister Sue Williams, and nephew Neil Eddie Williams III all passed away before the Ke Nancy couple Jerry Peeples and Rhonda Peeples. Sue Williams was the only member of the Williams family to survive. Before she was even born, both of her grandparents had already passed away.

Before Nancy, Sue, and Neil “Bud” Williams came along, there were two other children in the Williams family. District 80 was Nancy’s primary teaching location for the majority of her career. She is active in the Logan Street Baptist Church, both in terms of her membership and her attendance at the services there. His passing will bring sorrow to everyone who had the privilege of knowing and loving him. Because she was so well-liked by everyone, Nancy will be missed very much.