Robert Mccrudden Obituary Louisville Colorado, Missing person found dead

Robert Mccrudden Obituary, Death – Robert Mccrudden has sadly passed away unexpectedly. According to reports Robert Mccrudden who was missing was found dead. When Kaitlyn McCrudden brought me home to meet the McCrudden family for the very first time, she told me one rule that was absolutely non-negotiable: “Don’t even think about getting a crush on my brother since all of the friends I bring home always do!” It’s easier to say than to accomplish, especially considering how easy it was to fall in love with Robert Michael McCrudden.
Was it his knack for arriving late to every single basketball game or practice that made him such a great player?

When things didn’t go his way, he would subtly roll his eyes and shake his head, but he would never admit to questioning the officials’ decisions. The continual requirement to create Bailey’s from scratch for what appeared to be the entirety of Colorado, regardless of the amount of space that this occupied in the kitchen.

His unyielding sense of competition, particularly when playing card games or Monopoly (where he occasionally threatened to walk away in the middle of the game)? Whatever it was about Robert that drew people to him, I, along with a great number of other individuals, can attest to the fact that his enthusiasm for life was absolutely unparalleled and overflowing with love. I can only try to picture what the view of Coors Field might be like from above. I hope to see you again soon, my dear friend.

On behalf of our entire family we’re so grateful for the outpouring of love and and support we’ve received from near and far. We would especially like to thank everyone that came together and helped us search for Robert. Robert is now watching over us from a better place. At this time we are still processing as a family and appreciate privacy in dealing with our loss. Robert
Michael McCrudden Kaitlyn McCrudden Michael Mccrudden. ~ Karen Burke McCrudden