Michael Grubbs Obituary, Deacon Of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Dies

Michael Grubbs Obituary, Death – Unexpectedly, our dear friend and brother in the faith, the Reverend Michael Grubbs, who had served as a Deacon in the Church, passed away today in the early morning hours at his home in Douglas. He had been hospitalized earlier this week. Michael Grubbs was a very involved member of the congregation and took part in many of the events and activities that were organized by the local church. Along with the rest of us, Dee Ellen was there for the entirety of the event, during which we prayed over him and anointed his body in the minutes leading up to his passing away. During this time, he passed away.

He passed away not long after we had finished saying our prayers for him. He passed away not long after we had completed praying for him and we had stopped thinking about him.
Michael, as you enter the sanctum of light, may all the saints and angels greet you and bid you a warm welcome. May they do this as you pass through the portal. As you go through the portal, may they assist you in doing so. May they be of assistance to you as you move through the portal and accomplish what you set out to do. I pray that as you move through the portal and complete the task you set for yourself, that you find these to be helpful.

Please pray for Michael and Dee Ellen, Daniel, Lucas, and Sara, and do everything in your power to ensure that these thoughts and feelings remain at the forefront of your minds and hearts at all times. Also, please keep Daniel, Lucas, and Sara in your prayers. In your prayers, you may also remember Daniel, Lucas, and Sara. Remember them in your thoughts at all times. Planning will proceed, and we will keep you updated with any new information as it becomes available to us.