Martin Duffy Obituary, Primal Scream and Felt keyboardist Martin Duffy Has Passed Away

Martin Duffy Obituary, Death – According to his former Charlatans bandmate Tim Burgess, Martin Duffy died at 55. Birmingham-born Duffy grew up in Rednal. Duffy joined Felt in 1985 after frontman Lawrence posted a notice asking for a guitarist with the words “Do you want to be a rock’n’roll star?” When the band signed to Creation Records for The Seventeenth Century in 1986, Duffy’s sound became central to their “imperial phase.” The Pictorial Jackson Review’s second side features two Duffy instrumentals. Burgess has called Duffy “the only musical genius I’ve ever met,” according to the Quietus. He and My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields stayed up all night praising his natural ability.

Lawrence released ten singles and ten albums in ten years, and Duffy stayed with the band until 1989. Duffy appeared on Primal Scream’s first two albums, Sonic Flower Groove and Primal Scream, before joining full-time. Mojo’s Tim Tooher compared Duffy to Monk, Johnson, Lee, and Taylor. His voice sounds like he was born with whisky in it. Primal Scream uses blues.” Duffy was almost killed in a 1993 stabbing in New York City. Duffy joined the Charlatans after founding member Rob Collins died, replacing him at Knebworth in 1996. 1997’s Tellin’ Stories featured his contributions. Burgess tweeted, “Another tragedy of a beautiful soul. Martin Duffy saved the Charlatans after Rob left; he played at Knebworth and was a friend. Also toured with my solo band and was a pleasure to work with. Safe travels, Duffy!”

First Cry Length of a reel The NME C86 album’s class impressed me. Go on. Duffy collaborated with Beth Orton, Steve Mason, Mark Stewart of the Pop Group, Chemical Brothers, Paul Weller, Vic Godard, Subway Sect, and Jessie Buckley for the 2018 film Wild Rose. 2014’s Duffy’s Assorted Promenades was released on Burgess’ O Genesis label. According to Duffy, the album’s release was inspired by a car fire. After hearing John Foxx’s song Burning Car, Tim saw a sign. Primal Scream’s 2016 album Chaosmosis. Duffy is on Bobby Gillespie’s 2021 album Utopian Ashes.