Leon Haskins Obituary, Leon Haskins Has Passed Away

Leon Haskins Obituary, Death – Our hearts are breaking for you. Marcus’ father, Leon Haskins, died unexpectedly at his home in Maryland. We’ve been trying to figure out why and how this happened for a week, but no answers will bring him back. You could tell Leon was special the moment you met him; his physical presence was commanding. He was always immaculately dressed and put together, despite his height of 6’5; I never saw him in public without pleated, pressed pants. He wasn’t just a lovely man; he was also a caregiver. He cared for many people throughout his life, as the stories have revealed; for some, he was a mentor or a trusted colleague.

Others considered him to be their oldest and closest friend, the one who always remembered their birthday, sent them a card, or called to check-in. The uncle would always have your back if you needed something, but would then push you to figure out how to solve the problem. He was a tough love kind of guy; if he didn’t agree with you, he’d tell you, but it was always from a caring place. God, his country, his mother, his siblings, nieces and nephews, a large number of close friends and colleagues, and, of course, his son and granddaughters were all very important to him. His phone and house are plastered with photos of the girls, and he spoils them in ways that only grandparents can. He sent Sloan the entire Fisher-Price catalog for her first Christmas because he felt she “deserved it all,” he said.

When we arrived at his Maryland home, it was bursting at the seams with gifts for the girls, gifts he would never see open. When you texted Leon, he was never quick to respond. It was always three paragraphs long, addressed, and signed. He was a conscientious and meticulous planner with a strong work ethic. He was also a fantastic athlete who, if it hadn’t been for his military obligations, would almost certainly have made it to the pros. His former coach even revealed that NBA teams such as the Denver Nuggets were interested in him.

The Dallas Cowboys expressed interest in an old scrapbook in a letter discovered. He was a gifted individual who, until his death, was still observing/refereeing college games. He was one-of-a-kind, and most importantly, he was well-liked, whether referred to as Dad, uncle, brother, boss, friend, Sonny, Colonel, or Grandpa Leon.
Please send Marcus, the girls, and his entire family and friends your best wishes and prayers.