Kayla Cerrone Obituary, Car Accident in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Killed Resident

She was interested in all kinds of art. She was a member of the Highland Lassies dance team, acted in many plays, designed and made a lot of costumes, had a great singing voice, drew a lot of great pictures on paper and digitally, and made the world a better, happier place for everyone who knew her. She wanted to go to acting school because she wanted to be in Disney movies one day. “Magic is not what we need to change the world. We already have all the power we need inside of us.” Rowling. Ayla loved to read, and the Harry Potter books were some of her favorites. She was a huge Harry Potter fan. She really got into the story and brought it to life in her everyday life by talking to muggles (people who aren’t wizards) about how complicated the wizard world is.

“Even in the worst of times, happiness can be found if you remember to turn on the light.” – Dumbledore Albus. She had a lot of friends, and everyone loved her. Ayla didn’t have any strangers. She smiled at everyone and reached out to be friends with everyone around her. She was always talking to shy or quiet people and getting them involved in whatever she was doing. Or she would just talk to them and make them feel like they were the most important person in the world.

“In short, you are safe because you know how to love!” – Dumbledore Albus. Her family and friends loved her very much, and she will be very missed. She is survived by her mother, Tenaya K. Green, step-father Dean Mickelson, siblings AnnaMarie, Aydan, Anaya, Gunner, and Addysin, grandparents John/Jackie Gilpin and John Lake, aunts and uncles Taigen Bolton, Tasheena Russom, Taesia Lowry, Matt/Tessa Buckingham, and Tia Larson, and many cousins, including Ethan, Elijah,