Johnson Vern Obituary, Johnson Vern Formerly of Stansbury passed away suddenly at The Village Maitland

Johnson Vern Obituary, Death – Johnson, Vern The unfortunate event that ultimately led to the decedent’s passing took place on December 17, 2022, when the decedent was 92 years old and a resident of The Village in Maitland. At the time, the decedent was also a resident of The Village in Maitland. The unfortunate occurrence ultimately led to the decedent’s passing, and it was a direct result of that. The deceased person considered Stansbury to be their hometown up until the time of their passing. a moment that will go down in Margaret’s annals as one of the most treasured and cherished moments in the annals of having company. It was an honor for Veronica and Rodney, who has since passed away, Rodney and Rosa, Dianne, Karyn, and Rob to be able to call him their father or father-in-law.

It was also a privilege for Rodney and Rosa to call him their father. Along with Andrew and Isabella, who are his biological children, he is a well-respected stepfather to Kerri and Trevor. His biological children are also named Andrew. a Grandpa to a total of 13 different generations of family members, making him both a Great Grandpa and a Grandpa. a Grandpa to a total of 13 different generations of family members. Have a restful and peaceful sleep A funeral service in memory of Mr. Vern Johnson will be held at the Community Church in Stansbury, which can be found on Weaver Street. The service will begin on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, at eleven o’clock in the morning, and it will continue at the same time and location until it is completed. This will be the only change to either of those details.

This gathering is going to take place on the following Wednesday after Mr. Johnson has passed away, as it was previously scheduled. The individuals closest to Mr. Johnson, including his family and friends, have been informed, and they have been treated with the utmost respect throughout the entirety of this procedure.
Donations in monetary form can be sent to the Royal Flying Doctor Service at the following address: Reply Paid 381, Marleston, South Australia 5033. The envelopes needed for this purpose are included in the package. There will be a supply of envelopes at the ready for such contributions. This will be done as a form of condolence as a show of respect for the individual who has passed away as an alternative to the more traditional gesture of sending flowers to express sympathy.