Denise Hoeschele Obituary, School Counselor and Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC) Has Died

Denise Hoeschele Obituary, Death – Denise Hoeschele, who worked as a school counselor and the Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC) at the junior high and high school, passed away recently. It is with great sadness that I share this news with you. In October of 2022, Mrs. Hoeschele received the news that she had a particularly aggressive form of leukemia, and she immediately began her struggle against the disease. She was unable to continue her struggle owing to problems, which is a really unfortunate turn of events. There is now no information accessible concerning the services; however, it is possible that this will change at a later point.

Mrs. Hoeschele maintained her cheerful and optimistic demeanor throughout the ordeal. She never changed who she was; she was always friendly and funny. She made it a habit to check in regularly for new information regarding her pupils and her institution. She had made up her mind that she would go back to work. The loss of Mrs. Hoeschele will be deeply felt not only in Haddon Heights, but also in our other three communities as a whole. As many of you are aware, Mrs. Hoeschele served for a number of years as the initial point of contact for all students in the 9th grade as they joined 3HS. Mrs. Hoeschele treasured the ties and connections she created with each of our four districts, and she was constantly searching for ways to further our collaborative efforts on behalf of our students. The kids benefited from Mrs. Hoeschele’s 23 years of dedication to the school.

During trying times like these, the school system maintains a Crisis Response Team that is comprised of qualified professionals who are there to assist in meeting the needs of children, families, and staff members. Any student or member of the faculty or staff who may require or desire guidance or any form of assistance in connection with this loss will have access to counselors who are here to support them. Anyone who is having trouble absorbing this information is strongly encouraged to seek support from Student Services, the Child Study Team, or any other administrator who is available. I have no doubt that we will make every effort to perpetuate Denise’s legacy by honoring the countless people whose lives she has changed.