Christopher Winfield Obituary, Western Heritage Museum Digital Marketing Manager Has Died

Christopher Winfield Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, December 13, Christopher Winfield, our Digital Marketing Manager and the smart wit behind a significant portion of our social media success over the past two years, went away unexpectedly. He was 51.
Christopher joined the team in the year 2020, only a few short weeks before the Museum was forced to close due to the pandemic. It was his idea to execute a “social media takeover” with security, which ultimately led to Tim becoming a viral sensation, #HashtagTheCowboy becoming a trending topic on social media, and the Museum gaining hundreds of thousands of new online admirers.

In addition to that, he was the author of our Christmas book for children called “Twas the Night Before Christmas in the West.” Although he had been coping with certain health issues, there was no reason for us to anticipate that the issues he was facing would pose a threat to his life. We’re heartbroken. Christopher was largely responsible for the Seth “from Marketing” moniker that has become a surprisingly resilient part of my identity over the past two years. As a result, in many ways, as far as the internet is concerned, Christopher was my creator. He was the one who gave me the name Seth “from Marketing.

” Tim was the main attraction, Seth “from Marketing” played the supporting role, and Christopher was the one who pulled the strings. In addition to that, he was really funny. Those dad jokes that we all liked online flowed so effortlessly and were a representation of the kind and fun-loving personality that he brought to the team. In his brief time at the Museum, he left an enormous mark, and those of us who had the good fortune to collaborate with him feel a deep sense of loss in the absence of his presence.

Christopher prioritized his roles as a loving spouse and an exceptionally dedicated parent above anything else in his life. His wife, Alison, his daughter Gemma, who is eight years old, and his son, Flynn, all survive him ( 5 ). A GoFundMe account has been established in order to assist his family. If you are prompted to do so, I have no doubt that a donation would be gratefully received. Additionally, I am certain Christopher would have thought of something that was a great deal more ingenious. He always did.