Catherine Hubley Obituary, Marion County woman, 79, and her dog killed in early morning house fire

Catherine Hubley Obituary,  Death – A fire that began very early on Tuesday morning in a house was the cause of 79 years old as well as her d for a woman who was 79 years old as well as her dog. The fire began in the house. Someone called 911 and reported that smoke and fire were coming from a residence, according to James Lucas, a spokesman for the Marion County Fire Rescue Department. It was reported that both the smoke and the fire started inside of the residence. The person who called said that an elderly woman and her dog had become trapped inside the home and were probably already dead when they were discovered. The person who called said that the woman was unable to get out of the house on her own.

It was reportedly 8:11 in the morning when the fire department was notified about the incident, and the firefighters arrived at the scene at 8:15. This information was offered up by Lucas. A search and rescue operation was carried out by the firefighters in response to the call that was received by the fire department, as stated by a spokesman for the fire department. By searching the home in a left-to-right direction, the firefighters were able to locate the bodies of the woman and her dog.

Left to right was the direction that their search was going in. Residents of the area gathered both inside and outside of their homes to watch the unfolding events as officials from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and the state’s Bureau of Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigation gathered information to determine how the fire started. In Summerfield, the blaze was initially reported on the 14100 block of Southeast 94th Court, which is situated in the southeast quadrant of the city. Catherine Hubley was identified as the person who had been the victim of the crime after some time had passed and it was determined who the victim had been.