Timothy Waldron Obituary, Timothy Waldron Has Died

Timothy Waldron Obituary, Death – Timothy Wayne Waldron, age 54, a resident of Narrows, Virginia, went away suddenly and unexpectedly on December 15, 2022 while he was at home in the comfort of his own house. He had been a resident of Narrows for many years. His passing away was unexpected and came about all of a sudden. When Timothy Waldron was born, both of his parents, Billy and Annie Long Waldron, had already passed away; as a result, Timothy was raised by his grandparents. Timothy’s parents had been Billy and Annie Long Waldron. His birthdate is April 15th, 1968, and he was born in Giles County, Virginia.

His birth date is April 15th. Timothy was an avid sportsman who liked to spend his time engaging in a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, playing horseshoes, and other similar pastimes. He also enjoyed spending his time hunting and shooting. There was nothing that he looked forward to more than jumping on his motorcycle and touring the countryside whenever he found himself in possession of some unscheduled free time. After he passed away, some of the people who were closest to him included his son, Hunter Waldron, who resides in Marion, Virginia; his grandchild, Riley Waldron; his brother, Michael Waldron, who resides in Narrows, Virginia; his nephews, Joshua Dewayne Waldron, Dustin Lee Waldron, and Michael Lewis Waldron, Jr.; and a special friend, Gene White.

His brother, Michael Waldron, resides in Narrows, Virginia. Everyone here hails from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Because he had such a significant role in each of their lives, they are all going to treasure the times they spent with him and keep those memories close to their hearts for the rest of their lives. A memorial service is scheduled to take place at some point in the not too distant future, according to the plans that have been made for it. The family asks that in lieu of sending flowers, memorial contributions be sent to Kendall Funeral Home to assist with the cost of all of the preparations that are now being made. These donations will be used to assist in covering the costs associated with the funeral services that are being provided.