Phillip Urban Obituary, Man, 20, shot and killed on Hopewell Valley Nature Preserve trail, officials say

Phillip Urban Obituary, Death – A man in his 20s whose body had been found inside the Hopewell Valley Nature Preserve in Mercer County, New Jersey, and who had been shot to death was discovered, and an investigation has been opened to investigate the circumstances behind the man’s slaying in order to determine who was responsible for the killing. The natural area that was set aside for preservation is located in Hopewell Valley. When the body of the victim was discovered, there were various signs present indicating that the victim had been shot. The body of the man was found within the natural park, where it had remained for some time before it was discovered. The park had been on the park ranger’s radar for some time.

A man’s decomposing body was discovered within the boundaries of the natural park, where it had been permitted to putrefy for an undetermined amount of time before being discovered. On Saturday evening at seven o’clock, members of the law enforcement community located the man slouched over in the driver’s seat of a Mercedes C300 that was parked on a path not far from Harbourton-Woodsville Road. The path was not far from the intersection of Harbourton-Woodsville Road and Harbourton Road. The trail was located not too far away from the crossroads where Harbourton Road and Harbourton-Woodsville Road meet. The path may be found just a short distance away from the intersection where Harbourton Road and Harbourton-Woodsville Road come together.

The trail can be reached by going a short distance in any direction from the crossroads formed by Harbourton Road and Harbourton-Woodsville Road. The folks who were assisting the law enforcement agency in their search were ultimately successful in locating the missing person. The victim, who has been identified as Phillip Urban, was transported to a nearby hospital, where it was initially determined that he had died as a result of a gunshot wound, and where it was subsequently discovered that he had passed away. The cause of the victim’s death was determined to be a gunshot wound. The fact that he had passed away was found to have occurred at the hospital where he was being treated. It was discovered in the hospital where he was being treated that he had passed away before to receiving any medical attention there.

The fatal gunshot wound was the underlying factor that led to the untimely passing of the deceased person. [Cause of death] [Cause of death] After completing additional inquiry, it was discovered that the official cause of death was the hospital where the deceased individual was being cared for at the time of their passing.