Peter Hawkins Obituary, Wilberforce, Peter Hawkins Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Peter Hawkins Obituary, Death – On December 16, 2022, Peter Alfred Hawkins, who resided in Wilberforce and had reached the age of 91 at the time of his passing, passed away suddenly at his home. The failure of the heart was the reason for the death. For some time, he had been coping with the effects of his disease. Peter made his entrance into the world on December 29, 1930, which simultaneously served as the date that he made his debut into history.

In every way, Margaret’s thoughtful and affectionate friend in all aspects A man who is delighted to be spending time with his daughters and their families, and who is the father of Janice and Daphne, and who is also happy to be spending time with his daughters and their families. They will be regarded in the highest regard for all of time, and the people who were there for them will remember them with love in their hearts as they do so. They will be held in the highest regard for all of time.

On Thursday, December 22nd, 2022, at 10:00am, the funeral service for Peter will take place at his graveside in Wilberforce Cemetery, which can be found in Wilberforce at 49 Clergy Road. The date and time of the service have not yet been determined. There has been no decision made on the timing or date of the funeral service as of yet. Those individuals who shared a particularly close relationship with Peter, in addition to his other friends and acquaintances, have been issued a heartfelt invitation to attend his burial. The location of his grave will serve as the setting for it. In Wilberforce, you will be able to locate the location of the cemetery that you are looking for. This town is the destination of choice.