Patrick Castellon Obituary, Bakersfield, California Patrick Castellon Has Died

Patrick Castellon Obituary,  Death – The Kern County Coroner’s Office was able to determine the identity of the man who passed away the previous week in south Bakersfield as a result of his vehicle colliding with parked vehicles. The incident occurred the week prior. The collision between the man’s vehicle and the parked cars was the cause of the accident. As a direct consequence of what happened, the man lost his life. The event took place while he was traveling in his car through the region from one location to another throughout the area. According to the information that was provided, the man was twenty-four years old.

According to the report that was submitted by the coroner, the incident took place on December 8 in the 7700 block of Granite Peak Street around the time that is considered to be the beginning of the evening rush hour in the region. The report also states that the victim died as a result of the incident. It has been determined that the person who was behind the wheel of the vehicle at the time of the accident was a Bakersfield native by the name of Patrick Daniel Castellon. Castellon was driving the vehicle at the time of the collision. It was his responsibility, and he was the one who brought about the issue.

After being taken to Kern Medical earlier that day, he passed away later that day while he was a patient there. He had died while he was at the hospital. Earlier on that particular day, he had been transported there in order to examine it. The Bakersfield Police Department looked into the events leading up to the collision as part of their investigation, which they conducted into the collision itself. Granite Peak Street can be found in the immediate area to the east of the intersection that is formed by the intersection of Wible Road and Hosking Road. Get here by going to the 7700 block of Granite Peak Street. This is the neighborhood you want to be in. This area is home to a diverse selection of places to shop as well as eat and drink, making it an ideal location for shopping and dining.