Patricia Brady Obituary, Patricia Brady has passed away unexpectedly

Patricia Brady Obituary, Death – Pat Brady is the daughter of the late Charles Brady and the late Eula Mae Wiggins Vopelak. Eula Mae Wiggins Vopelak also passed away. Charles Brady, Pat’s grandfather, was likewise taken from this world. Pat’s grandma, Eula Mae Wiggins Vopelak, was another member of Pat’s family who had to leave this world too soon. The 12th of September, 1964 finds Pat being welcomed into the world in Georgetown. 1964 was the year that this took place. In addition to being a member of the Saints Delight Pentecostal Holiness Church and working as a teacher there, she also taught the children at the church’s summer vacation bible school. This was in addition to the fact that she had previously worked as a teacher at the church.

Pat’s favorite things to do included making crafts, most notably wreaths, as well as cooking, cruising, going to Darlington Race Day, and above all else, spending time with her family, most notably with her granddaughters. Other favorite activities of Pat’s included cruising, going to Darlington Race Day, and going to cruises. Pat’s other favorite activities included travelling on cruises and to Darlington Race Day, both of which he frequently participated in. Surviving members of the family include a daughter whose name is Shallon Brady McConnell (Courtney) and who resides in Andrews; two granddaughters whose names are Blakely McConnell and Addison “Addie” McConnell, both of whom also reside in Andrews; an aunt whose name is Janie Dean and who resides in Georgetown; a nephew whose name is Lance Britt and who resides in Jamestown; an especially special cousin whose name is Before she left, several beloved members of her family had already passed away.

These included her stepfather Donald Vopelak, her sister Tammy Britt, her nephew Marty Robin “Pappy” Britt, Jr., and other members of her family. On Wednesday, December 21, 2022 at 11 AM, the Saints Delight Pentecostal Holiness Church will be the location of the funeral services. The burial will take place at the Wiggins Cemetery as soon as the funeral rites have been completed, and the body will be brought there. On Tuesday, December 20, 2022, beginning at six o’clock in the evening and continuing through eight o’clock in the evening, the family will be hosting a get-together at Saints Delight Pentecostal Holiness Church for members of the extended family as well as friends of the family. The event will take place at Saints Delight Pentecostal Holiness Church. In addition to the large number of other friends and neighbors who provided compassionate care and friendship to Pat throughout the entirety of his life, the family would like to extend their gratitude to Ashley Thomas, Dr. Mark Triana, and Amedysis Home Health. The family would also like to thank the large number of other friends and neighbors.