Marty Freedle Obituary, Marty Freedle has passed away unexpectedly

Marty Freedle Obituary,  Death – After passing away at an ungodly hour this morning, Marty Freedle is now in the presence of the Lord. I pray that God would grant him eternal rest. In addition to this, he is reunited with his father, whom he fondly referred to as “Pops” due of the close bond that they maintained with one another throughout their lives. Those of you who knew Marty and are aware of how terrible it can be to learn something like this are well aware of how distressing it is. Those of you who knew Marty are well aware of how distressing it is. Because he was such a nice person, a very large number of people placed a lot of value on him. As a result of this, a lot of people respected him. In light of the circumstances, his role was fairly important.

Throughout his life, he was determined to living up to the responsibilities that came with the positions of friend, spouse, dad, and grandfather that he played. A terrible event that has resulted in a significant gap being left in the RC community is the demise of a member who was regarded in great esteem within the community. Marty would cheerfully give up the clothing that were on his back if it meant that it may have a positive impact on the life of another person. If it meant that he could do so, Marty would gladly give away the clothes that were on his back. You could talk to him about anything and everything, and he would either remain silent and listen to what you had to say or take part in the conversation if he believed it was important for him to do so. You could have a conversation with him about anything and everything.

It didn’t matter what topic you wanted to discuss, he was open to hearing it. Even when faced with the gravest of challenges, he never lets his upbeat demeanor fade and is always there to provide a helping hand to those in need. His compassion and concern for other people are without equal. When you go to the company’s headquarters at Turn and Burn Hobby & Raceway, there’s a high chance you’ll see Marty there sporting a wide grin on his face. This is the case every time. Additionally, he was quite busy, whether he was serving other people or simply moving around the pit area to talk to folks at each station. Either way, he was keeping himself quite active. He did this over and over again. This was something that he engaged in on a fairly consistent basis. In spite of the fact that we will never be able to get over Marty’s death, we have resolved to commemorate his legacy for all time and to ensure that we do not let the thought of doing so ever leave our minds. During this trying time, the Freedle family, along with all of his other loved ones and friends, is in our thoughts and prayers. We extend this sentiment to everyone who was close to him. In addition, we extend this care to anybody else who shared a close relationship with him.