Jeffrey Vollmer Obituary, Mayer Fire Department Captain Has Died

Jeffrey Vollmer Obituary, Death – Jeffrey A. Vollmer, 40, unexpectedly died in December. He was a Mayer Fire Department volunteer who rose through the ranks to captain and EMT. He also became a mentor for newly recruited members in addition to this job. He made it a point to maintain his education and his department’s training on a regular basis in order to improve both. He was eager to assist individuals in need, leaving an effect not just on those he assisted, but also on their families.

In addition, during particularly stressful phone calls, Jeff made assured that his brothers had his entire support. He did everything he could to help everyone around him. Jeff was a devoted father to his wife Emily and their two children, Anika and Kennedi. He was Emily’s fiance. He worked hard to improve his health and provide for his family. In addition to his talents as a qualified construction journeyman who had spent a significant amount of time working in carpentry, he had owned and managed his own insurance firm.

Emily is devastated by her friend’s death, and the daughters grieve their father’s absence from their lives. Jeff enjoyed and excelled at a variety of activities, including hunting, woodworking, photography, and guitar playing; nevertheless, fishing was his most serious hobby. He spent a lot of time on the lake because muskie fishing was one of his favorite pastimes, and they are notoriously difficult to catch. Jeff was well-known for his easy relationship with others, willingness to volunteer his time, talents, and other resources, and overall kindness.

He was always prepared and had a friendly grin, and many people will remember him for these qualities. When someone decides to join the fire department, they are making a sacrifice for both their family and themselves. His family is aware of what is going on. Jeff will be remembered by his friends and family, as well as by the way future generations of firefighters react to “the call” to serve and bring hope to people in need.