Jeanne Margaret Obituary, Jeanne Margaret Has Passed Away

Jeanne Margaret Obituary, Death – At the time of her passing on December 15th, 2022, Jeanne Margaret Lithgow was residing in South Bowenfels at the time of her passing at Three Tree Lodge. Jeanne Margaret Lithgow lived in the neighborhood of South Bowenfels for most of her life. At that point, she had already established herself there for a substantial amount of time, which meant that the location could be considered her home.

Beloved wife of the late Bruce, beloved mother and mother-in-law of Ian and Kaylene, Debbie and Graeme (both deceased), Robert and Tracy, Alan and Mandy (both deceased), much loved grandmother of Melissa, Melanie, Matthew, Alison, Jane, Adam, Jason, Aleisha, Katie, Michael, Amy, Brock, Trent, and Lyndell and their partners and her 24 great grandchildren, dear sister of Nell and Louise (both deceased) and their families, and much loved aunt It has held that position ever since the dawn of history, and it will continue to hold that position at the forefront of our minds and hearts throughout the entirety of eternity.

This is where it will remain forever. The funeral and committal services for JEANNE will be held at the Hoskins Memorial Uniting Church in Lithgow on the 22nd of December, 2022 at one o’clock in the afternoon. The date and time of these events are yet to be determined. JEANNE left this world on the 22nd of December, 2022. These services will be held in JEANNE’s honor and in her memory, as a way to commemorate and remember her. A memorial service honoring JEANNE’s life will be held on the 22nd of December as part of the celebration of her life. The name of the church that may be found in that place, Lithgow, is also the name of the town that contains the church. Rest in peace Jeanne we love yo so dearly.