Elizabeth Kelly Obituary, Elizabeth Kelly Has Passed Away

Elizabeth Kelly Obituary, Death –  Liz, the supermum and superwife, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma in her lungs, breast, spine, and kidney while everyone else was busy planning their Christmas traditions. Liz, accompanied by her husband AJ, began treatment on Monday, hoping for a miracle as cancer spread to her bones, lymphatic system, and brain. In the most tragic and heartbreaking of events, Liz was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday with what appeared to be a migraine. Her brain melanoma had bled, and she died soon after.
Liz died at the age of 39, leaving behind her husband AJ and three beautiful children, Sienna, 7, and twins Fletcher and Scarlett, 5. Liz was taken from them a week before Christmas and three months before the first day of school for her precious twins.

The loss of such a remarkable woman is difficult to express. We mourn the loss of a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a friend, as well as the three small children who will remember their mother only in their hearts and when they see the stars in the sky. Liz didn’t even have a chance to fight this, so we’re enlisting the help of our friends to help AJ and the kids fight whatever comes next. To assist them in surviving this extremely difficult time without financial stress. AJ, Sienna, Fletcher, and Scarlett are free to focus on their family’s grief and healing.

AJ has reluctantly agreed to his friend’s request for help. We wanted to support and give our friend and his three cheeky kids some breathing room after the most unjust and heartbreaking of events. All funds raised will be directed directly to AJ to assist him and his family in navigating the traumatic next chapter. We’ll hug AJ and the kids and make sure Liz’s warmth, energy, and personality shine through Sienna, Fletch, and Scarlett. Liz, we love you and will never forget you.