Drew Griffin Obituary, CNN Reporter Drew Griffin Has Passed Away

¬†Drew Griffin Obituary, Death – Drew Griffin, CNN’s award-winning SIC, died this weekend. Griffin, a 60-year-old storyteller, questioned authority. CNN’s CEO called Drew’s death “devastating.” Drew embodied the organization’s mission. Griffin produced CNN stories and documentaries for 20 years. Emmys, Peabodys, and Murrows honored his reporting. Drew valued people over prizes, per Licht. Griffin’s diligence was praised. Unknown until his death, his illness. CNN’s programming chief praised Griffin on Sunday. “He was fearless and artistic and knew how to push a story,” Bass said. How often has he chased interviewees? When was the last honest? What’s different? As his colleague, I saw his world-changing work.

Griffin’s journalism changed things. He oversaw a yearlong investigation into medical delays at VA hospitals. The team’s report led to the VA secretary’s resignation, federal legislation, and veteran appointments. In response to his report, Uber changed its background check process and added app safety features. Uber won’t require sexual assault victims to sign arbitration or NDAs. CNN’s investigative producer calls Griffin’s stories “must-see.” “Electronic commerce” means selling electronic goods. Wordplay distinguished him. “Independent” means not government-employed. questions were avoided

Griffin’s Emmy-winning 2016 Trump University fraud investigation exposed dubious seminar tactics, leading to class action lawsuits. Griffin questioned a former Trump University instructor about his role in the scheme. Griffin: “We’re rich.” Griffin asked MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell about election fraud. Griffin told Lindell he lacked “proof.” Griffin had trouble getting his subjects to talk, leading to memorable on-camera confrontations. Griffin demanded answers in 2013 about rehab fraud. California’s HHS Secretary hid in a bathroom to avoid Griffin. Griffin’s investigation prompted a legislative probe and a program director’s apology.

Griffin’s work on election deniers after January 6, 2021, Capitol attack was cited by the DOJ and a House select committee. Griffin investigated mass shootings and hurricanes. 2017 Hurricane Harvey: He rescued a man. Griffin’s humility and compassion outweighed his confidence, hard work, and tenacity. Griffin sent thank-you notes after tough interviews. Griffin finished major stories to spend time with his family. He was pleasant, professional, and team-oriented, say coworkers. DiCarlo called working with Griffin a “career lottery.” DiCarlo said Griffin’s producers “loved and worked with him” “Exceptional. Drew-Team” Griffin started at Champaign’s WICD-TV. He worked in Florida, SC, NC, and WA. Seattle’s KIRO-TV investigator. He joined CBS 2 in 1994. He founded the station’s investigative team. He enjoyed traveling with Margot, playing the trumpet, and golfing, according to his family. He adored Ele Gast, Louis and Miles Griffin, and his grandchildren.