Dale Harrop Obituary, New Zealand ice hockey player drowned at Muriwai Beach

Dale Harrop Obituary, Death – As a direct result of the incident that took place in the waters off the coast of the western side of Auckland, the ice hockey community in New Zealand is in a state of mourning as a result of the tragic loss of one of its most influential members. This is a direct result of the event that took place. According to the findings of the investigation that was conducted by the police, the name of the individual who passed away suddenly at Muriwai Beach on Saturday as the result of an accident involving surfing has been revealed to be Dale Harrop, who was 33 years old.

The New Zealand Ice Blacks have resorted to social media in the wake of the demise of one of their teammates to share their condolences, pay their respects, and note that they are “grieving for one of our greatest.” They made the observation that he leaves behind a legacy of sportsmanship, charity, and tenacity in his wake. He leaves behind a legacy as someone who personified everything that was required to be a great Ice Black, and his legacy will live on for generations to come. After competing for New Zealand in eleven separate world championships, Harrop joined the Ice Blacks in 2007 and has been a member of that team ever since.

Up until his retirement in 2017, he continued to play an active role and make valuable contributions to the squad. After beginning his professional career in 2006 with the Canterbury Red Devils, it was reported that Harrop’s rowdy temperament and infectious smile followed him wherever he went after he left the Canterbury Red Devils. Specifically, it was said that his loud behavior and smile were contagious. After relocating to Auckland, Harrop became a member of the West Auckland Admirals, where he was praised for his “formidable force on and off the ice” reputation. Harrop became known by that moniker during his time while playing for the West Auckland Admirals.

Your legacy will live on in perpetuity in the field where our sport is played because of it. You will be remembered to us forever as a devoted colleague who was also a devoted friend. According to his relatives, his immediate family in addition to a “significant number of friends and family” will “miss him beyond words.” Additionally, a “large group of friends and relatives” will be devastated by Harrop’s passing. With the intention of assisting the Harrop family in meeting the financial obligations that are associated with transporting Harrop’s remains to Christchurch and conducting funeral services in both Christchurch and London, a website known as Givealittle has been established. This website is accepting monetary donations.