Cynthia Eshelman Obituary, Grill, PA, Owner of Ken-Grill Pet Parlor Dies At 66

Cynthia Eshelman Obituary, Death – Cynthia M. Eshelman, a resident of Grill who was 66 years old and had passed away at the Reading Hospital on December 13, 2022 at 7:07 o’clock in the evening, was the patient who passed away. Both of her parents had passed away before she was born in West Reading; her father, Orville B. Eshelman, Sr., and her mother, Janice L. (Koleczek) Eshelman. Both of her parents had passed away before she was born in West Reading. Her father’s name was Janice L. Eshelman, and his name was also Janice. Orville B. Eshelman was the name of her mother throughout her life. Her mother, who had passed away, was honored by being honored with her name.

As soon as Cynthia Schmehl found out that her husband had passed away, she became Warren Schmehl’s widow. When she made the decision to become an entrepreneur and open her own business on the premises of the Ken-Grill Pet Parlor, she had already been working there for more than half a century. Cynthia has had an interest in the subject of jewelry making, more specifically in the creation of necklaces and bracelets, since she was 17 years old. Her background includes some previous work experience in the sector.

She cherished the time she was able to spend in Delaware, where she enthusiastically participated in volunteer work at the Grill Fire Company and enjoyed beachgoing activities such as fishing and beach cycling. Additionally, she treasured the time that she was able to spend in Delaware. At one point in time, the Grill Fire Company considered her to be a member of the organization. Her grandchildren, her garden, and each of her children required a sizeable portion of her undivided attention and the enthusiasm she could muster. Her garden held a very significant place in her heart.

Her immediate family consists of her daughter Katie M., who is married to Elgin Reigner in Muhlenberg Township; Elgin Reigner, the husband of her daughter; her brother Bart, who is married to Bonnie Eshelman in Robeson Township; her sisters Lisha L., who is married to Jay Rowe in Mohnton; and Greta J., who is married to Michael Guigley in Mohnton; as well as her grandchildren Elgin Quinn and Raine The services will be carried out while maintaining the highest level of discretion.