Christy Fisher Obituary, Macon, Georgia Resident Has Passed Away

Christy Fisher Obituary, Death – On Thursday morning, the Warner Robins Police Department was investigating a shooting that resulted in the death of a woman. Officers from the Warner Robins Police Department were called to the 100 block of Wallace Drive at 12:46 a.m. on Thursday. This section of Wallace Drive is very close to Deloris Toliver Park. A caller informed Warner Robins Police Department dispatchers that “two vehicles were driving around crashing into each other” and that someone had been shot and was lying on the ground. This information is contained in a report prepared by the department.

Over the course of our conversation, the information was supplied by the caller. Officers responded quickly and arrived on the scene, where they detained a male suspect and provided medical assistance to a female victim while also arresting the suspect. According to a press release, another man who was a victim in the incident was not present at the scene and has yet to be located or identified by the Warner Robins Police Department. Regardless, the Warner Robins Police Department is looking into the incident. These conclusions were drawn from the investigation into the incident.

The female victim had been shot and was taken to a nearby hospital following the incident. She did not survive her injuries, however, and died while being treated there. Christy Fisher, who lived in Macon, was identified as the deceased by James Williams, the coroner for Houston County. At the time, he was 30 years old. According to him, Fisher’s body is currently being transported to the GBI office in Macon for an autopsy.

According to the Warner Robins Police Department, the shooting “began at other locations” and did not take place at 106 Wallace Drive as previously stated. Instead, the police department stated that the shooting “began in other locations.” They have stated that they will provide more information as the investigation progresses, and they are currently investigating the incident. The investigation will be completed as soon as possible.