Carlo Luri Obituary, Longtime Alta Alpina Cycling Club member dies

Carlo Luri Obituary, Death – Carlo Luri, a long-time Alta Alpina Cycling Club member, died on December 14th after a brain tumor was discovered in his brain. Carlo was on our board of directors and oversaw Cycling Advocacy. He was also a member of our NICA team, where he led junior cyclists up to three times each week. Carlo’s riding activities extended beyond AACC, and he participated in multi-day bike packing adventures with Friends of Black Rock Desert. His outdoor interests extended far beyond riding his bike. Carlo, a fantastic skier, adored the snow and backcountry skiing. Ice was also his playground, whether he was skating on frozen lakes or climbing up frozen waterfalls.

Carlo, an environmentalist, would reuse the melted snow and ice for stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking on our magnificent lakes. Last July, he completed a 65-mile kayak round of Lake Tahoe. Carlo, on the other hand, was more than just an outdoorsman; he also gave back. He was a long-time member, board member, and ex-president of the Carson Valley Trails Association, in addition to Alta Alpina. He also belonged to the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce and the CV Visitors Association. Carlo spent the last 20 years at Bently Enterprises, finally advancing to the post of Director of Government Affairs. As a result, he was able to make important contributions to ventures like Bently Biofuels and the Heritage Distillery.

Carlo was involved in practically every outdoor and economic activity in Carson Valley/Tahoe. He was a superb networker who seemed to know everyone and who was known, liked, and admired by everyone. He will be greatly missed. Carlo’s death came as a shock. He went from appearing to be in good health and fitness in October to being diagnosed with a significant brain tumor in late November. Attempts to go to an East Coast specialized medical facility were futile. He died peacefully, painlessly, and with his family by his side. Carlo is survived by his parents on Long Island, NY; sister Marina in Hartford, CT; wife Jennifer in Minden, NV; and two sons, Dante and Mateo (at universities on opposite coasts). Jennifer plans to return to Minden in the coming year. She and Marina are preparing a Carlo’s Life Celebration for later in the spring, most likely in June, when both sons return from college.