Arturo Longoria Obituary, Arturo Longoria Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Arturo Longoria Obituary, Death – The man who was struck and killed by a train off of Coffee Road has been positively identified by the Kern County Coroner’s Office as the individual who was responsible for his passing after being killed by the train. The identification was made possible by the fact that the train was responsible for his death. The fact that the train was the one responsible for the man’s passing allowed for his identification to be completed successfully. The fact that the train was a contributing factor in the passing of the individual allowed for their identification to be made because of this fact.

According to the reports, Arturo Ray Longoria, who was 60 years old, passed away as a direct result of the injuries he received on December 4 when he was struck by an Amtrak train on Coffee Frontage Road. Arturo Ray Longoria’s death came as a result of the injuries he received. His injuries ultimately proved to be fatal, and as a result, Arturo Ray Longoria passed away. Longoria passed away as a direct consequence of the injuries that he sustained, which led to his passing in the first place. The office of the coroner was kind enough to give us this information so that we could review it and use it in our investigation. I am extremely grateful to you for your assistance.

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The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Police have been made aware of the incident, and at this time they are in the process of conducting their own investigation into what transpired. They are now aware of the circumstances that led to the situation.