Anne Behnan Obituary, Anne Behnan Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Anne Behnan Obituary, Death – Anne Behnan, beloved wife of Phil Behnan, died quietly in Calgary’s Rosedale Hospice. The unparalleled Annie was the first in her family to be born in Canada, and she was grateful for a wonderful childhood in Alberta that was tragically cut short by cancer. Her parents, Peter and Olga, arrived in Alberta as refugees during World War II after spending years in German prisoner of war and forced labor camps, followed by refugee camps. As a first-generation Canadian, Anne took advantage of every opportunity that Alberta offered. She grew raised in the Canmore-Exshaw area, loved being outside (especially on a golf course), and had long-standing connections in the Bow Valley.

Anne has a gorgeous blue eyes and a passionate soul. She had a lot of energy (due to ADHD), a competitive personality, and she was never the first person to leave a party. She had many friends from her childhood, her neighborhood, and the Glencoe Golf Club, as well as many new acquaintances at the La Quinta Golf Club. She traveled with family and friends throughout Canada and Europe, South America (including seeing her beloved city Buenos Aires and being stuck in the Falkland Islands), and Australia (including visiting another favorite site, the Daintree Rainforest) (including visiting another favourite place, the Daintree Rainforest).

Anne went on to have many more memorable adventures after surviving ovarian cancer in 2011, including a cycling trip in Tuscany with an incredible group of Canadians listening to Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall under the Tuscan sun, trips to South Africa and Botswana (surviving scorpion bites), Torrey Pines to watch PGA tournaments, and trips to Ireland to visit her son-in-law Niall’s Irish family. During her five-month battle with an invincible disease, Anne was fortunate to have the support of her beloved friends Val and Margaret.

Anne is survived by her remarried husband Phil, her sons Cody (Janelle) and Rob, who inherited her athletic ability, and her daughter Barbara (Niall), who inherited her inner beauty and a desire to always support the underdog. Anne loved her four grandchildren, Caiden, Georgia, Tova, and Austin, and was a dedicated mother to her three children. She loved watching her grandchildren play on her beautiful lawn. Al Behnan (Diana) and Bruce Samson, her brothers-in-law; uncles Peter, John, and Max, Aunt Val, nephew Randy Shiman (Allison), and a host of other loved ones survive her.