Albert Palmer Obituary, Custodian Found Dead at High School In York By Police

Albert Palmer Obituary, Death – The body of a school custodian was found on Tuesday at a high school in South Carolina. According to the authorities in that state, officials in charge of the investigation do not believe the death to be suspicious in any way. The lifeless body of a janitor named Albert Palmer, who was 71 years old and from Rock Hill, was found at York Comprehensive High School. The area that served as the janitor’s office was located in the room that was designated as the janitor’s office. Rock Hill is where Mr. Palmer is from, as this much is known about his background.

Sabrina Gast, who is currently working with the York County Coroner’s Office, is the source of this information. Ms. Gast was kind enough to share it with us. The spokesperson for the York Police Department, Sergeant David Dover, has stated that the officers were summoned to the school that is located within the municipal borders of York at approximately 9:30 in the morning. The school in question is the one that was the subject of the incident. The organization in issue can be situated somewhere within the confines of the city of York. Dover asserts that Palmer was successful in avoiding being discovered by any of the kids while he was hiding out in the area where the custodians conducted their work.

Dover says this was possible while Palmer was in the area where the custodians did their work. The article contains Dover’s account, which you can read. Dover says that there is no evidence to suggest that there was any kind of foul play involved in the incident, and he cites this as his source. Dover’s argument is that there is no evidence to suggest that there was any kind of foul play involved in the occurrence. Students who live west of Rock Hill have the option of attending York Comprehensive High School, which is the only high education that the York school system provides for them. A broad geographic area is covered by the York school system.