Troy Hibbs Obituary, Marshalltown Iowa, Owner of TROY HIBBS FARMS Has Died

Troy Hibbs Obituary, Death – Troy Hibbs of Marshalltown, Iowa has suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Troy was owner and operator at TROY HIBBS FARMS. He went to Central College, where he studied Communication Studies. Troy was a graduate of Marshalltown High School. He was from Brookings, South Dakota, but lived in Marshalltown, Iowa. We learnt of Troy Hibbs passing through social media post; The news of Troy Hibbs’ demise reached me yesterday, and today I was able to track down some pictures from our time spent working as officials together over the course of the years.

It was a privilege to be a part of Joel and Troy’s crew and to have the opportunity to contribute to their project. I worked on the same side of the football field as Troy most Thursday and Friday evenings, as well as a few Thursdays, and rarely on Thursdays. I also worked on the same side of the field on occasion on Thursdays. In his capacity as an official, Troy gave an outstanding performance. In the year 2000, we were given the responsibility of officiating a number of postseason events in addition to the game for the state title. Because of my job as an official, I have had the honor of getting to know Troy, and it is plainly clear to me that he and Joel Hibbs share a unique bond with one another.

I am thankful for the opportunity, and I would like to convey my gratitude for having been given it. Because Troy was such a wonderful friend to so many people, the news of his demise is likely to have a large emotional impact on a great number of people. God has a large angel on his hands who is also caring and compassionate, and that angel’s name is Troy. Please let me give you a hug as a result of this. I hope and pray that he will be at rest for the rest of eternity. When I found out that Troy had passed away, I was shocked and incredibly distraught all at the same time. I ask that you kindly accept my deepest condolences on behalf of the family.