Rachel Kaitlyn Obituary, Newcastle Upon Tyne England, Rachel Kaitlyn Has Sadly Passed Away

Rachel Kaitlyn Obituary, Death – Rachel Kaitlyn of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England has died. Rachel Kaitlyn was brought into the world on August 2 by her parents, Michael Kaitlyn and Ann (Ashworth) Kaitlyn, who reside in the city of Rochester, New York, in the state of New York. She passed away on June 4, 2016, when she was at home at the residence that she had owned for many years. Rachel started competing in track and field while she was a freshman at Byron High School, and she continued doing so all the way until her final year there.

She had a warm spot in her heart for the canine companions she shared her life with, and one of her goals for the future was to pursue a line of work that was in some way connected to the welfare of animals. In her spare time, some of her favorite activities included going horseback riding, camping, and participating in other adventurous experiences. Reading, singing in choirs (her favorite singer was Michael Jackson), and listening to music were just some of the things that she enjoyed doing in her spare time. Reading was definitely one of her top activities of choice. Because Rachel had the most infectious smile, every time she stepped into a room, it was as if a light had been turned on.

Her parents, Michael and Ann Kaitlyn of Byron, along with her three brothers, Aaron Kaitlyn of Byron, Shane Kaitlyn of Rochester, and Jarrett Kaitlyn of Byron, along with her only sister, Lauren Kaitlyn of Byron, along with her maternal grandmother, Margaret Ashworth of Rochester, and her paternal grandparents, Dennis and Nona Kaitlyn of Byron, are among the members of her family who have survived. Her paternal grandparents In addition to that, she is survived by her paternal grandmother, Margaret Ashworth, who currently resides in Rochester. Moreover, she had no children of her own. On both of Rachel’s parents’ sides of the family, Rachel’s maternal grandfather had already passed away before she was even born.