Michael Antell Obituary, Pennsylvania man killed in I-295 crash after trying to pass truck

Michael Antell Obituary, Death – Reportedly, a Pennsylvania man in his thirties was murdered early on Friday morning after his SUV was involved in a collision with a truck in the northbound lanes of Interstate 295 close to Mount Laurel. The crash occurred in the vicinity of the exit for Mount Laurel. The event took place in the general vicinity of the Mount Laurel exit.

At approximately 12:43 in the morning, Michael Antell, who the State Police say was driving in the center lane behind the truck when he made the effort to pass the larger vehicle on the left, was involved in an accident. The State Police say that Antell was driving in the center lane behind the truck. Because of his activities, there was a collision that took place.

After the collision that occurred close to milepost 39, Antell, a resident of Drexel Hill, was sent to a hospital in the immediate area for treatment. Sadly, the injuries he sustained there were too severe for him to recover from, and he passed away as a result.

The accident did not cause any injuries to the driver of the truck, thus he or she was not taken to the hospital. At the time of the accident, there was a mist or drizzle falling in Mount Laurel, according to the National Weather Service.  The State Police report that the investigation into the crash has not yet resulted in the formation of any conclusions.