Matt Fauske Obituary Viroqua WI, Matt Fauske has passed away

Matt Fauske Obituary, Death – After learning the news about Matt, I can’t help but feel as though a weight has been added to my chest. This is despite the fact that I am doing my best to be positive. During the time that we spent together organizing the details of my journey to India several years ago, he was a crucial member of the planning team. Despite the fact that Matt and I did not have a particularly strong connection, I always knew that I could count on him to be there for me and offer support no matter what it was that I was going through. This was true even though we did not have a particularly close friendship.

He has shown me love and supports consistently throughout my entire life, and I will never be able to compensate him for what he has done for me in that regard. It is impossible for me to ever be able to repay him. There is no way that I will ever be able to make up for that mistake of mine. You are going to be much missed in every conceivable way after your departure.

I would like the Fauske family to know that they are in my prayers and that I am thinking about them during this trying time. I wish them to have the fortitude to get through this challenging situation. There is not a shred of uncertainty in my mind about the fact that Haley is beyond ecstatic to be back with you.