Kevin Montgomery Obituary, Longtime Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Resident Has Died

Kevin Montgomery Obituary, Death – Kevin Montgomery of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has suddenly passed away. Renay Montgomery’s devoted husband and steadfast friend throughout her life. During this trying time, we want Owen, Emily, and Evan Montgomery to know that we are thinking of them and sending our sincere sympathies. In addition to Randy, who died when they were still young, he had siblings named Terri, Dale, Jaunita, Michael, Andy, Jody, and Kelly. Randy passed away when his siblings were still young. Randolph O. Montgomery III is the only child to have survived his parents, Randolph O. Montgomery Jr. and Gwynette Ann Montgomery, who both passed away when he was a little boy (nee Powers).

Rose Montgomery, who was his stepmother, is the sole relative of him that is still alive today. She is the only one who has survived. He leaves behind a large number of nieces, nephews, and friends, all of whom will be deeply saddened by his departure. From 1982 through 1988, Kevin served his country with honor as a member of the United States Navy. During that time, he had a deep sense of patriotism. After that, he spent a sizeable chunk of his working life at Rimtec in Burlington, where he was engaged as the company’s dedicated Safety Production Manager. He worked there until he retired.

When Kevin wasn’t at work, you might often find him singing along to his favorite country song while clutching a Miller Lite in one hand and a remote control for The Waltons and the History Channel in the other. When Kevin wasn’t working, he usually spent his free time doing this activity. Above all else, he will be most remembered as a dedicated family man who lived in a rural area in the south and cherished his wife and children. This is the thing that will stick out most in people’s minds about him. People are going to remember him most for this facet of his life. It’s going to be the one that stands out the most.